From Light Commercial to High-End Acreages,

We make constructing your project easy from start to finish.
Stretch Construction specializes in light commercial design-build projects and custom residential acreage design-build projects in the Lacombe County area.

We’ve been building for over 25 years

Our proactive planning process is detail orientated so that construction is done efficiently and on time. Acting as your Project Manager is a hands on approach we take seriously. When you work with us, you are getting an honest, transparent partner that never surprises you with hidden costs.

Each project starts with an idea.

Our clients work with one of our architectural partners or come to us with their own blueprints. We will take their idea and manage the project from breaking ground to finished building. Managing contractors, suppliers, budgeting, permits, engineering, etc. are tasks we take care of for you. Open communication and project updates are important to us in maintaining a relationship with you.  

Light Commercial Buildings

We participate in design-build projects and owner/operator strategic partnerships. We handle all of our light commercial projects the same way. A proactive approach in a detail orientated manner. We manage all of our client’s construction as Project Manager. This is important to you because we are a hands-on company. There are no hidden fees. Our budgeting model is cost-plus with a detailed paper trail so you know exactly where your money is being placed.

We have worked with many business owners and investors to bring their light commercial project to life. If you have a vision and need a Project Manager to construct it, Stretch Construction is here to help.

High-End Acreages

Our business began with building high-end acreages for families in the Lacombe County area. For the past 25 years we have helped many families build their dream home. From 2500 sq/ft and up, our homes feature high-end finishes and attention to details.

Our contractor relationships started decades ago.

Acting as Project Manager, we also manage the trades brought-in to construct your home. We have long standing relationships with a number of trades. This insures consistency, accountability and trust that you rhome will be completed on time and be built with care and attention to details.

Each custom build comes with options.

Have an idea for a home but it needs to be blueprinted? We can connect you with one of our architectural partners. We can also help you with interior design, and exterior finishes. Our planning is detail orientated and we manage the whole process from breaking ground to finished home. We include you in the process the whole way so you can see your dream home come to life.

Bring your project to life.