Create the Best Return on Investment With Construction Planning

It's a common misconception that, as a construction company, our work only begins on the construction site. At Stretch Construction, every successful project starts with an in-depth pre-construction process.

Without properly planning out a construction project, it can lead to communication breakdowns, compromises on quality, significant delays and budget overruns.

That is why Stretch puts so much weight on our pre-construction process, so we can provide you with the most value. In this blog, we are sharing what is involved in the construction planning phase, why it is so important and what makes Stretch's process unique within the construction industry.

What is Construction Planning & What's Stretch Pre-Construction Process

Construction planning is the strategic roadmap that guides a project from concept to completion. This phase involves defining the project's scope, identifying risks, allocating resources, and preparing contingency plans. This process requires construction, architectural, and engineering teams to collaborate alongside the project owner.

Key Elements of an Effective Construction Plan

  • Project Scope and Objectives: Clearly defining the construction project's purpose, goals, and deliverables lays the groundwork for all stakeholders to understand what must be achieved - from beginning to end.
  • Budgeting and Cost Estimation: Accurately estimating the costs associated with your building project ensures it will be financially feasible and prevents unexpected expenses that could jeopardize the project's success.
  • Resource Allocation and Scheduling: Efficiently allocating resources, such as workforce, materials and equipment, and developing a realistic schedule optimizes productivity and minimizes delays.
  • Risk Management and Contingency Plans: Identifying potential risks, like delays, material price fluctuations and availability, and developing proactive strategies can prevent any negative impacts on timelines and budgets.
  • Design: Collaborative design efforts ensure we create an aesthetically pleasing, compliant, and sustainable structure. This can involve a collaboration between your contractor and external architectural design companies, or your builder may offer in-house design services, like Stretch Construction.

Stretch's Pre-Construction Process

Most construction companies offer a construction planning process, but not all are effective. Stretch Construction has a unique perspective on this step with our pre-construction process to ensure we can create the most value for your project through a collaborative approach.

Every step of the project, including the pre-construction phase, is a collaboration between our team and yours. Our construction company provides valuable industry insights into the planning and design process, along with our in-house design services. Our methods are also highly comprehensive and iterative. As we can be involved at each step, we can walk you through the process, from planning to final inspections, to provide input and cover all the details instead of determining solutions to problems as they arise further down the line.

We encourage Stretch's early involvement to provide you with the best value. Even before pen touches paper or CAD drawings are done, we can help steer the planning and design of your commercial construction to provide you with the best return on investment. Even if you have a parcel of land and are still determining what development will offer you the highest ROI, Stretch's team can give you direction. Stakeholders, members of the public, municipalities and developers are all brought together through Stretch to ensure your development’s efficiency and profitability. For instance, we have contacts in property management to provide you with real-time information to guide your decision, such as lease timelines and rental rates. Stretch also provides cost estimates at every level to show you how you can maximize your investment and make your goals work with the design.

We have created even more value for clients through our pre-construction planning process. For example, a client came to Stretch Construction with blueprints already in hand. When we reviewed the design and ran the numbers, we helped determine that the initial plan for this development would not be profitable. We then produced a new floor plan, creating millions of dollars in value for the client.

Providing these services and information could mean the difference between your project moving forward and ending even before you break ground.

In the end, the focus of our pre-construction process is to build the most benefits and long-term value for your investment.

The Benefits of Effective Construction Planning with Stretch Construction

Time Savings and Improved Project Efficiency

A well-crafted construction plan speeds up project timelines by minimizing the guesswork and maximizing productivity. This efficiency can reduce downtime and ensure your project is completed on time.

Cost Reduction and Budget Optimization

Accurately estimating costs and budget planning prevent overspending and wasting resources. This thorough planning leads to better financial outcomes. We can also improve your return on investment by building in value.

Mitigation of Risks and Challenges

Identifying and addressing potential risks during the planning phase allows for the development of contingency plans. This foresight minimizes disruptions and unexpected costs during construction.

Enhanced Communication and Stakeholder Satisfaction

A detailed construction plan fosters transparent communication among all stakeholders, promoting trust and satisfaction. You can feel assured that your project is progressing to plan and your construction teams are efficiently collaborating and coordinating.

Things can change quickly in commercial construction projects, which is why construction planning or the "pre-construction process" is vital in ensuring the success of your build project. Stretch Construction's innovative approach to construction planning demonstrates how meticulous preparation can benefit project outcomes. From the careful development of project objectives to the precise estimation of costs, our process has proven to reduce risks, increase the value of your investment, and ensure stakeholder satisfaction. As you start your next commercial construction project, consider the positive impact that Stretch Construction's pre-construction process can make.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about our pre-construction process and how we can support you through every phase of construction.

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