The Blueprints to Your Commercial Build Process

Completing a commercial construction can be a daunting but rewarding process for many of our clients. But if you understand the process, are prepared, and have the right team to support you, you can save on time and frustration.

There are many steps in the build process, but here is an overview of what you might expect as an investor or owner in a commercial project when you work with Stretch.


Outline Your Ideal Project With Your Budget

Even before you start creating a design for your commercial build, it is important to establish a budget. By first establishing a budget, it lays the framework for what your design and build team will be able to create for you. It is also important to start looking for a location to determine the cost of land and other impacts on your budget.

Build Your Team

Whether you are working with an architect or draftsperson and a contractor separately or enlisting the help of a design-builder, it is important to find the company that will help you execute your project and provide guidance throughout the process. (See our blog on design-build to find out more about the additional benefits of design-build services.)

Look at builder’s previous work and even see what their past clients have had to say about them. It is also beneficial to have an initial conversation to ensure they will be a good fit for your project and vice versa. For example, will they be able to execute the look you are going for and can they meet your timeline? Are they going to provide helpful, experience-based input and communicate throughout the project? Do they historically stay within the agreed upon budget?

Building the right team will help your construction process go much smoother.

Pre-Design Steps

Before you can move into the design phase, there are steps that must be completed and details that must be established. In this phase, you will be setting your project goals with your build team and determine which factors you will use to measure success at the end of the project. For example, these goals could be the timeline or adding certain amenities and functions.

Design Phase

Once you have established your budget and goals, you move on to the design phase. If you are working with an architect or draftsperson independently from a contractor, there may be some back and forth as each party provides their input on the design. The process is streamlined when you work with Stretch and our design-build team, as the design does not have to bounce between different companies that aren’t familiar with one another. We work with the same group of experienced architects and engineers to develop a design that meets your vision and your needs.


Once the design of your commercial build has been signed off, there are still a few steps that must be completed between the design and construction phases. In this phase, your team will be completing budgets, sourcing vendors, obtaining insurance and approved permits. Our team handles all relationships with vendors, as we understand this can be one of the most overwhelming tasks for clients.

This phase also includes site investigations. We will look for any environmental hazards and performs soil tests to ensure construction can start safely.

get started with Construction

Next comes the most exciting part, where everything finally starts to come together. We maintain open communication throughout the project, especially through the construction phase. It is important to keep you informed of any changes that may occur during this phase. In the previous stages, your team should have been prepared for contingencies that may arise during construction. By preparing ahead of time, it will help prevent any significant impacts to the timeline or budget.


Once the project is completed, we walk through the building together for a final inspection to see if any components require further attention. Your team will tackle any items that are addressed during the post-construction walk-through. We want you to be happy when we hand the keys off to you.


If you would like to learn more about the Stretch build process or if you want to start planning out your commercial build, contact our team today.

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