Developer Questions Answered

If you are looking to develop a piece of property you own with a light commercial building, many questions will arise. Finding a builder who can answer your questions truthfully and with integrity will save you money and also, save you time on the design and build process.

When we are working with developers, these questions are often brought up. If you have a particular question not listed here, please reach out to us and we will answer them promptly.


We have an idea but we don’t know how to design or build it or how much it will cost?

Stretch Construction is a full-service construction company that can help you design, build and price out your development project. All you need to do is give us the square footage and general design idea. We will take care of the rest.


We want our development placed somewhere in Western Canada.

We have experience building from BC to Manitoba. With our office located in Lacombe, Alberta we can manage all build sites and crews easily throughout the four Western Provinces.


We are concerned about hidden fees and overages once the bid has been approved.

We never operate with hidden costs. All of our contracts are fixed pricing, the only time a client sees a change in price is if the scope of the project changes.


We are worried that the time to build our development will take longer than proposed.

Compared to conventional construction techniques, our build speed is a minimum of 30% faster because of the style of buildings we construct. Backed by our efficient systems and processes for constructing all developments, you can rest assured that your building will be completed on time. Faster completion dates mean less capital investment by our clients.


How do we know that the construction company we hire will meet our requirements?

There are many companies like ours that can manage large developments. Our size gives us an advantage. You will never deal with middle management throughout the build. You will always have the ability to talk directly with our ownership. We can respond to challenges or questions with agility and quick decision making.


How can we trust that the development is of the highest quality?

We pride ourselves as an industry leader in precast concrete construction practices. All of our buildings are built to last, and we stand behind the end product. We never sacrifice quality to increase profits. We also pride ourselves in constructing buildings that will be around longer than us!

At Stretch Construction, we specialize in designing and building to achieve your success. If you have a vision, we have the materials, design, and expertise and to bring it to life.

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