Engineering Value into Your Build Project

As a contractor, we understand what an investment a commercial building can be. Whether it is the cost of materials or extended timelines, it can weigh on your bottom line. But there are ways to reduce costs while maintaining or even building upon your project’s value. The service of value engineering looks beyond conventional construction materials and methods to find cost-saving solutions. 

When you hear that a contractor can reduce costs, you probably think of cheap materials and cutting corners. Instead, value engineering provides your project with the most value without compromising safety or the impression of the delivered build.

Customized Solutions

Now, value engineering isn’t a one size fits all solution. Research and calculations for each project must be completed as they all have different design and structural needs. A contractor utilizes their industry knowledge and connections to find the right solutions for your project. The solutions created are all based on your project needs and timelines. 


Throughout Your Whole Project

Value engineering is integrated into much of your build, including planning, designing and project management services. Throughout the whole process, it helps to avoid hiccups from sudden and unexpected project changes and allows members of the project, including the contractor, subcontractors, to be able to communicate to come up with solutions.


Benefits of Value Engineering

Value engineering provides the opportunity to implement build techniques that help to speed up construction because time is money for investors. For example, the use of precast concrete in our builds speeds up project timelines and reduces initial costs. 

Sometimes value that is built in may not have an immediate implication. It could mean that your build provides longer-term benefits, such as energy efficiency and longevity.


Stretch’s Value Engineering

Value engineering allows us to build value right into your project. At Stretch, we never want to oversell you; we only want to provide the best value. This builds on our practice of providing open communication throughout the build process and looking after every detail. We look into the best possible solution for every part of your build.

 It is always Stretch’s intention to provide you with the best quality commercial and multi-family structures.


Engineering Value from Day One

By involving Stretch in the initial concept and design meetings, we could avoid the “value engineering” process and instead engineer value from the onset. This means designing the building from day one with quality and costs in mind, as opposed to being presented with a finished set of blueprints (that Stretch was unable to provide our industry knowledge and input) and interpreting several areas that could be value engineered. Involving Stretch from day one will create efficiencies, as we can lend our expertise in building materials and construction methods which aren’t always considered by an independent design team. Starting with Stretch saves re-working a “finished” set of blueprints -- saving you time and money.

If you would like to learn more about value engineering or how Stretch can engineer value into your next build, contact our team.


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