Meet Our Director of Construction

Each member of a construction team plays an important role and brings value to every commercial and multi-family construction project. We sat down with Stretch’s Director of Construction, David, to get his perspective on what makes Stretch unique and how it can benefit your construction project.

David has extensive experience in the construction industry, as he has held management positions since 2006. Before coming to Stretch Construction as our Director of Construction, he was an owner, construction manager and project manager, delivering multi-family and commercial projects throughout the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan. 

His previous experience not only provides him insight into the general processes and techniques involved in a construction project but the niche knowledge of the construction market within the Okanagan.

David is also a Gold Seal Certified (GSC) Construction Management Professional through the Canadian Construction Association. He brings the highest standard of excellence and his proven industry experience to every construction project.

Stretch benefits from his specific experience in carpentry and framework, along with the mechanical engineering knowledge he brings.

David has built up his industry expertise to help benefit construction projects, including:

  • Construction Supervision & Construction Operations Certificate
  • Sustainable Construction Education
  • Trades & Technology Leadership Degree

What do you think makes Stretch Construction unique?

What makes Stretch unique is the ownership, not only with how they address construction projects but also because they value their employees.

There is a high level of involvement from ownership in many of our construction projects. This shows how much they appreciate every customer and how much value they add to each project. 

Stretch also values employees’ work/life balance. They see employees beyond their role in the company and view them as individuals.

The Stretch Construction team is also always growing and adapting. Change is constant and necessary in any industry, especially the construction industry.

What is involved in your role as Director of Construction?

The role of Director of Construction at Stretch involves providing oversight and leadership to the construction team. Pitching in when and where expert experience is required helps projects progress efficiently and successfully reach their established timelines and budgets. Assisting with establishing policies and procedures is also a key component of the job.

What makes a good fit when looking for a construction company? 

Working with a construction company that has a customer-first focus is important to the success of your construction project. This extends to being open to collaborating with all parties. Due to the shortage of labour and materials, it can sometimes be difficult reaching customer goals if the company doesn’t take on a collaborative approach. With a collaborative approach, everyone is on the same team, trying to reach the same goal, which is finishing the project on time and on budget.

What can a construction company do to ensure timelines are met? 

Again, this is why collaboration is an important characteristic of a construction company. By being able to work well with trades, the client and other partners, they can find solutions to any issues that may arise in a project and help reach the established timelines. 


Stretch Construction strives to deliver exceptional value to every project. With our team of experienced professionals, including our Director of Construction, we offer a unique combination of industry knowledge, expertise, and a customer-first approach. Contact Stretch to learn more about how we can support your next construction project.

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