A New Mixed-Use Build Project Is Coming to Downtown Kelowna

Building on Kelowna’s Already Booming Downtown


Kelowna continues to show just why it is such a booming hub for new developments. A record number of developments are underway or expected to start in Kelowna in the coming months, including one of our upcoming projects we want to share with you now. Stretch is thrilled to not only be building in such a rapidly growing community in the Okanagan, but we are delighted to be based in Kelowna. 

The project will be located in downtown Kelowna, on a bustling and popular street within this British Columbia community. It is a mixed-use building and is a much needed addition to a community that continues to grow. There has been a clear demand for a structure such as this. You will be able to find retail, office and residential spaces all within this one building.

This new mixed-use project comprises seven stories in total. In the building’s design, there are two levels of parkades which will be both below and above ground. The design also features three commercial levels for retail and office spaces. The building will be topped with two levels of penthouse residential spaces, allowing for spectacular views of Kelowna from their rooftop patios.

The parkades and the building itself will be constructed from precast concrete, allowing the erection of the building to go seamless and quick. Because the building envelope is prefabricated off site, there is no time wasted pouring or curing. We want to provide all our clients with the most efficient timelines, and your timelines will be positively influenced by the construction techniques we utilize. 

As on par with all other construction projects managed by Stretch, you will find high-end finishes throughout the entire mixed-use building.

Stretch is thrilled to be adding this project to our list and to apply our extensive experience constructing commercial, residential and mixed-use developments. 

This project will start in the spring of 2022. Make sure to follow along with Stretch for more updates on this exciting build project.

You can also contact our team today to learn more about the development services Stretch can provide for your next build project.

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