Simplify the Design-Build Process

Finding an experienced architect and then searching for the right contractor for your project is an inconvenience. It can be an even bigger headache once the project starts and you are bouncing between companies every time something comes up, setting you back.

This is where design-build comes into play. Design-build is an all-in-one service where you work with one team to develop the full design package, and that same team executes the build process. You have only one point to contact to access the knowledgeable services of architects, draftspeople, engineers and contractors. From the design of your project to the final delivery of the build, you work with one team. So whether your project involves a commercial building or a custom home, design-builders can simplify the process for you.

There are many benefits for yourself and the team working on your build project when it comes to design-building.


The Benefits of Design-Build

  • You won’t have to go through a second bid phase to find a contractor after already having to find an architect/draftsperson

  • One point of contact for both design and construction - you don’t have to bounce between different companies

  • One team focused on efficiency and cutting down on costs

  • Continuity in design and project completion

  • Project aspects don’t fall through the cracks as they pass between hands/companies

  • Faster project delivery - not being held up with the back and forth

  • Increased accountability by working with one partner, no more passing the buck

  • Easier to establish budgets and timelines during the design phase

  • The whole process is less chaotic and more streamlined

The Design-Build Process

To truly be effective, the design-build process is a part of every stage of the construction of your project. It isn’t only seen in the architectural designs that have been drafted; it is integrated into the planning, designing, building and delivery of your build project. 

Planning Phase

During the planning phase, your design-build team reviews your project’s needs and goals, budget and schedule. It is important to determine these factors first as they all influence designing your project. In the planning phase, the design-build team (contractors, architects, engineers, etc.) develops a plan based on the detailed information acquired on your project.

Design Phase

The design phase is one of the most collaborative stages, where the whole design-build team provides their industry knowledge to create the best design for your project. The contractor, architects, and engineers collaborate, whether they are a part of the team or the construction company has a relationship with experienced and reliable outside experts. Your design-build team provides a building layout in this phase and looks at which building materials and techniques will benefit your project the most. So, before the build even starts, your team is working to prevent delays and unexpected costs down the road.

Build Phase

After thoroughly planning and expertly designing your build, we reach the phase in your project where the design is executed. 

In this phase, you can see how much time you can save when working with just one team, instead of having to jump between designers and builders. If anything comes up during the build process, it can be handled internally by your design-build team. Working with one team keeps change orders to a minimum. This process also allows your team to integrate value engineering into your build. You can see during the construction phases that your team has worked to create the best value for your project. 

Delivery Phase

Your design-build team works to ensure that the outcome of your project meets your needs and the design and functionality laid out in the planning phase. Once construction is complete, the team reviews your build to ensure that it meets the set criteria. 

This phase is also made more efficient with design-build services. Communication is maintained throughout the process, and you are kept aware of any changes or improvements that occur - though they should be minimal. Our team wants you to be completely satisfied with your build.


As a construction company that offers design-build consultation services, Stretch has simplified the build process for our clients. As a result, we can help you with your project no matter what stage you are at. Our team can develop architectural and structural designs with the help of trusted draftspeople, architects and engineers, along with our own industry knowledge. We have the expertise to provide you with the most effective solutions.

If you would like to learn more about Stretch’s design-build services, contact our team today.

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