When Safety Culture is a Priority

Construction is one of the most hazardous industries in the world as we operate heavy machinery, scale heights and work with electricity. That is why safety is valued not only within the industry but in our company as well.

Safety goes beyond following rules and regulations; it's about growing a culture and understanding within a company. Safety practices not only improve the worksite for our team, but they also improve the success of your commercial construction project.

At Stretch Construction, we take safety seriously and have implemented a number of initiatives to ensure that our work sites are as safe as possible for our team members and any individuals who may be on site. From regular safety training to ongoing hazard assessments, we're committed to making sure that everyone on site is protected.

We are looking into the correlation between safety culture and accident rates, discovering the benefits of a strong safety culture, and highlighting how Stretch Construction, a commercial construction company that values safety as its cornerstone, is making a difference in the industry.

The Impact of Safety Culture on Accidents

Safety culture has been proven to reduce accidents on construction sites. Studies have consistently shown that companies with a strong safety culture experience significantly fewer accidents.

Companies with a full safety culture have up to a 70% lower accident rate compared to those without. The difference is staggering, and it's not just numbers; it's lives saved and livelihoods protected.

Accidents in construction not only take a toll on industries but also on the success of construction projects. Stretch Construction understands that every accident comes with substantial costs - from medical expenses to legal fees and the potential loss of clients and contracts.

The Benefits of a Strong Safety Culture

Reduced accident rates: The most immediate benefit is evident - fewer accidents mean fewer injuries and fewer resources drained in dealing with these incidents. Stretch Construction's commitment to safety has resulted in a commendable track record of accident prevention.

No Project Disruptions: One of the benefits of fostering safety is that construction projects are more likely to be delivered on time and within budget. When every team member adopts and follows safety practices on the job site, it prevents incidents that put worker health and safety at risk and helps your construction team avoid project delays. This translates to improved performances for contractors and timely results for your team. 

Improved employee morale and retention: A culture of safety instills trust and confidence in a construction team. Safe and valued employees are more likely to stay, and this stability fosters productivity, job satisfaction, and a strong sense of belonging. This is especially important at this time with the strain on the construction industry’s workforce.

Legal and regulatory compliance: With evolving regulations, a strong safety culture ensures compliance and protects companies from legal delays. Stretch Construction's commitment to safety ensures that we operate within the boundaries of regulations.

Cost savings: In an industry where every penny counts, preventing accidents translates to significant cost savings. Accidents can also impact construction materials and machinery, influencing the project’s overall budget. Stretch Construction's investment in safety culture has paid off, as we've saved money while ensuring the welfare of their workforce.

At Stretch Construction, safety isn't just a checklist; it's at the center of everything we do. Our dedication to safety culture sets us apart as an industry leader. By focusing on safety, we not only reduce accidents but also build stronger relationships, save money, and foster a work environment where employees feel valued and protected.

Safety Starts With Leadership

The leadership team takes a unique approach to safety. There is a commitment by management to put safety ahead of production. They encourage active employee involvement and participation at all levels. This helps to build ownership and accountability when it comes to their own safety and everyone on the job site. We hold weekly leadership meetings where we discuss how we want to conduct our safety standards and expectations, and how we can improve and identify our deficiencies. 

Safety is simply another business process that must be recognized at every stage but should be set as an expectation in the early stages before any work begins. Consistent messaging from both employees and management when it comes to safety is something we strive for. We also welcome input from all of our employees.

Building a Safety Culture - How Stretch is Incorporating Safety

Safety is a priority in every aspect of our company at Stretch Construction. 

Stretch Construction continues to review and update our OHS Program to ensure we are up to date with the latest requirements. We continue to experience a lot of growth, which has led to the need to make amendments to a number of areas, such as policies and procedures.

We follow the BC and Alberta OHS Regulations, the Workers Compensation Act and our own requirements. Depending on the task, we also follow best practices for the industry that apply.

We want to go beyond simply achieving minimum standards.

On the training front, our employees are encouraged to bolster their knowledge and education as it pertains to their roles. Stretch offers learning opportunities that occur onsite as well. Professionalism and accountability are traits that we want to instill in our employees.


In the high-stakes industry of commercial construction, the phrase "safety first" isn't just a slogan; it's something that we value and follow. At Stretch Construction, we don't just build structures; we build a safer and more secure future. Stretch believes safety is non-negotiable, and we're dedicated to making that a reality. 

Working together, we can make safety a cornerstone of your developments. Embracing a culture of safety will not only save lives but also improve project outcomes, save costs, and enhance the overall well-being of everyone involved.

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