Who Plays a Role in Your Construction Project

From the design phases to the actual construction process, there are dozens of individuals involved in your project. When you work with a construction company, you may only have one point of contact; this helps to streamline the construction process. Of course, you will not be able to meet every member of your construction team, so we would like to introduce you to some of the members of a construction team who may be involved in your construction project and their roles.

You, The Client

You, the client, play a large role in a construction project. In the beginning, it is the client's responsibility to ensure that you choose the right contractors and managers for your projects. You will also establish the timeline and resources available for your project.

While your contractor will provide most of the direction for the project, they will still require input and cooperation from you and your team. The first stages of a project have a large impact on the execution. A large majority of the project costs are determined at the concept stage.


Executives and managers oversee all projects – in progress, ongoing and upcoming projects. They are involved in bidding on projects, budgeting and managing timelines. They also oversee the project teams and develop relationships with vendors and construction partners.

You may work with Stretch’s executive-level team members during your project.

Chief Executive Officer

Our Chief Executive Officer, Duane, is responsible for managing operations. You’ll find Duane planning and designing our next big project or mentoring our tight-knit team.

Chief Operating Officer

Our Chief Operating Officer, Geoff, oversees land acquisitions and business development for our projects. In addition, as head of sales, he frequently travels across Western Canada, where he enjoys promoting our team and meeting new people.

Chief Financial Officer

Glen, our Chief Financial Officer, works closely with our clients and stakeholders on all financial and contractual matters. He works diligently to ensure we meet your expectations, objectives and goals, as well as our own.

General Manager of Projects

Stephen, our General Manager of Projects, is the leader of our Construction Team. He oversees our many builds while remaining committed to forging great relationships and delivering an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Stephen is also the one who gets the amazing drone footage of our construction sites.

Project Managers like Stephen manage several other aspects of a construction project, including:

  • Ensuring that your building complies with regulations, inspections and quality standards
  • Following established timelines and ensuring that all major construction milestones are met
  • Helping your project achieve its goals, including project budgets, by setting protocols and maintaining relationships with all parties

Architectural Technologist

When it comes to your construction project’s design, it is beneficial to work with a contractor that offers in-house design services. Our Architectural Technologist, Richard, is involved in or heads up tasks, such as:

  • Designing, monitoring, and inspecting construction work
  • Creating preliminary architectural designs manually and with computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Presenting 3D renderings
  • Analyzing bylaws and building codes
  • Architectural and structural detailing
  • Conducting building condition studies

These are just some of the team members that play a role in your construction project. Each person, from executives to trade partners in the construction industry, is integral to ensuring that your project is successful.

If you have any questions regarding the team members that may be involved in your project or you would like to get to know the Stretch Construction team a little better, contact us today.

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