Why Stretch?

Building a new Way Since the Beginning

Stretch was born out of a need to provide premium, quality products and services to an industry that often lacks those qualities. Since 1990, we have worked hard to set ourselves apart from the competition not just through quality and innovation, but through an unparalleled emphasis on accountability and straightforwardness.

As a team whose personal ethics are deeply grounded in family, community and doing the right thing, we know relationships are everything. As a result, we’re able to build amazing solutions for our clients, who know they can count on us to deliver honest, integrity-driven, quality results on time, every time.

We have been building a new way since the beginning. Our team puts a focus on open communication, creating trust and putting the needs of our clients first.

  • Fixed Prices
  • Open Communication
  • Quicker Timelines
  • Every Detail is Taken Care Of
  • Greatest Return on Investment
  • High Quality Builds
  • Building Relationships
  • Full Design-Build Services
  • On Time and On Budget

Our Team



Duane Stretch is the President and CEO of Stretch Construction. Since founding the company over thirty years ago, Duane has worked hard to set us apart from the competition through quality products, service and an unwavering emphasis on honesty and integrity. When he isn’t managing operations, you’ll find Duane planning and designing our next big project or mentoring our tight-knit team.



Vice-President and COO Geoff Stretch oversees the land acquisitions and business development for our projects. As head of sales, he frequently travels across Western Canada, where he enjoys promoting our team and meeting new people. Geoff spent 10-years working in Emergency Services before returning to Stretch full-time, though he has worked alongside Duane since the beginning of Stretch Construction.



Already backed by several years of experience in the industry, Stephen Marois joined Stretch Construction in mid-2014. As our General Manager of Projects, Stephen takes the lead on our many builds while remaining committed to forging great relationships and delivering an enjoyable experience from start to finish.



Glen Sethun is our Financial and Strategic Planning and Tracking guru. As such, he works closely with our clients and stakeholders, diligently ensuring we meet their expectations, objectives and goals, as well as our own. Glen’s teamwork-based approach to business and his core values (integrity, trust and excellence) are an incredible asset to both the Stretch family, our external colleagues and our customers.

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