The Benefits of In-House Design Services in Construction

Design-build services offer a lot for those looking to invest in commercial and residential construction projects. Design or architectural services can either be offered in-house or outsourced. Construction companies that offer in-house design services and have an architect or architectural technologist as a part of their team provide you with added benefits. 


Avoid Errors and Delays

Working with a team of contractors, architects, or architectural technologists can help you avoid errors in designing or selecting materials. Your in-house team can collaborate and combine their unique expertise to create a design and construction plan that will provide you with the best outcome. The combination of experts will also be able to plan ahead for potential issues. However, as much as you plan, problems can always arise in a construction project. With an architectural technologist on the team, they can quickly resolve any unforeseen issues. 


Better Project Flow

Having your contractor and your architect in different companies can create a strain on your project and potentially yourself as you act as the go-between. If they are not on the same team, there is a lot of back and forth during the planning, design and construction phases. 

Having an architectural expert in the same company as your contractor will prevent delays in your project. You will not have to go back and forth between your contractor and the design team, which helps keep your construction project on time. Because you are wasting less time, you have more of it to commit to your construction project’s design.


Integrate Value Engineering

An in-house design team melds together the perspective of a design team and the experience of a contractor to make the design and material choices that will provide the most value at the best price; this allows us to easily integrate value engineering. 


Save on the Cost of Construction

Stretch provides set pricing, so you are certain about the outcome of your construction project. However, by offering in-house design services, you can be even more confident that the budget we provide you at the beginning of your project will closely match your final price.

An architectural technologist working alongside a contractor can advise on what structural elements are worth spending on and where you can save. You can also save on your budget as you are saving on time. There is no back and forth between different companies to develop the best solution for your build.


A Complete Team

A complete team, with members that can provide design input and build insight, can guide you through the construction and design process. They are also there to answer any questions you have as they arise throughout the project. In addition, each member of the construction company can provide valuable insights to improve your construction project’s design and outcome.

We want to make the process as easy as possible for you.


An Added Service For You

From concept to construction, Stretch is committed to providing you with added service and the best value for your build project. No matter if you have a rough design that requires refining or you are starting from scratch, we can support you at whatever stage you are at. We have in-house design services available for you to utilize in your next residential building or commercial building construction in Kelowna, Lacombe & Okanagan. 

If you would like to learn more about Stretch’s in-house design services and how we can support your construction project, contact our team today.

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