Multi-Family Building Construction in Okanagan BC

Stretch Construction has been deeply involved in the Okanagan in British Columbia, designing and building multiple structures for the past five years. Our team has been involved in designing and constructing commercial and residential buildings throughout the area. The Okanagan construction market continues to grow, and we continue to grow with this demand in the Okanagan Valley.

We are excited to share another project with you.  

Our team is working through the pre-construction process for a new multi-family residential development project. Stretch is consulting on the design to provide our perspective as a construction company. 

While you are still in the design phase, enlisting a contractor that offers design-build services can help streamline the entire process. As the team that is involved in the actual construction phase, contractors can provide valuable input before construction starts. In addition, it results in fewer change orders and Requests For Information (RFI’s) and allows us to provide a more accurate price from day one.

Along with our skilled subcontractors, we will construct the purpose-built apartment building from precast concrete.  The precast construction will ensure that the build process is as efficient as possible. Some of the benefits of using precast concrete in construction include meeting timeline expectations, a durable structure, and reducing wasted materials and debris at the job site, and decreased op-costs for the owners.

There will be approximately 50 units within the development, and it will boast attractive features and designs that any Okanagan resident would be proud to have in their home. There are also plenty of amenities included in the design. For example, there will be a ground-level pool and rooftop amenity spaces. The residents will also have access to a parkade within the building. 

Our team is anticipating construction to begin in the late fall of 2022 on this apartment building. Follow along for more updates on this exciting Okanagan-based construction project.

Contact our team if you have any questions regarding your upcoming commercial or residential building projects. Stretch can support you from any stage of the planning and construction process.

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